Project Description

The Challenge

To create a campaign that touts the benefits of Tax Cuts and the economic benefits to America’s Small Businesses.

The Solution

Tax Cuts Now. Created a campaign utilizing national talk radio and a social media / custom data modeling tool designed to elevate the narrative / benefits about Tax Cuts. The campaign integrated messages into the content of some of America’s most influential talk hosts and extended that influence into social media.

“Many thanks! We could not have passed the tax bill in the Senate without you. Thank YOU for all your efforts in making the campaign a success. It wouldn’t have happened without you!”

– Alfredo Ortiz | President and CEO for Job Creators Network

The Results

Nearly 500,000 actions through social media and direct traffic to  The segments helped to secure additional earned media through publications like Forbes, The Hill and Fox News. JCN was able to use the results of the campaign to work with Congress to pass the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.