Project Description

The Challenge

To boost theatrical ticket sales in 13 key markets and to elevate the narrative about the film in advance of the academy awards.

The Solution

Created an ‘embed’ campaign utilizing influential personalities and had them integrate messages into the fabric of their shows. Organic. That was combined with a digital campaign where a unique custom targeted audience was created of likely Lion Movie ‘moviegoers.’ Together, both strategies were deployed over a 6 week period.

“Working with Rigel Strategies, I get innovative marketing concepts that are different from other agencies. Their solutions aren’t ‘off the shelf’ but unique. They use their expertise of data analysis and digital marketing combined with truly creative execution to meet and exceed my marketing objectives”

– Chip Flaherty | Cofounder of Walden Media

The Results

Reached nearly 2.5 million people between the embed and digital campaigns. Over 300,000 people took actions including 38,431 people who clicked through to Fandango for a 6% CTR. Nearly 5 times higher than the digital average.