Project Description

The Challenge

To create compelling, weekly video content that aims to address many of the questions on people’s minds and to build the Why Minutes brand into an educational and entertainment hub for this content.

The Solution

Identified some of the top “Why” questions on people’s mind and created video ‘shorts’ to address those questions. Why Success is more about Attitude than Privilege, Why a Wealth Tax Punishes the Poor, Why are Lumber Prices so High and many more. Designed and Launched a new website and created a social media strategy to grow fans of the Why Minutes. Throughout the campaign, engagement techniques were implemented to capture data from which custom audience models could be created. These engagement techniques, such as polling of favorite content, led to refining an audience to whom the content could be narrowly targeted.

“Thanks to the team, the Why Minutes gets results beyond what we anticipated was possible. They are smart, innovative and understand the ever changing algorithms of Facebook and Google.”

– Nick Hamilton | Creative Director for The Why Minutes

The Results

Reached nearly 7.5 Million people across social and digital platforms generating close to 32 million views of Why Minutes content and counting. Grew FB following to 50k in just 6 months. Some videos achieved CTR’s between 3.6% and 6.8% substantially above the average of .9%.